Arkport Village News

December 17th, 2019

ARKPORT, NY – At Tuesday evening’s monthly village board meeting DPW head Logan Sliter informed the board that water usage is up in the village and he suspects a leak. “Usually water usage slows down this time of year,” said Sliter, “but I have seen a steady increase through our monitoring equipment. There’s a good chance that there is a leak somewhere, and at this point we have no idea where it is. Most of our system is plastic, which makes it harder to locate leaks. Fortunately I have been left some equipment to test with so I’ll be doing that for the next few weeks.”

After a recommendation from an outside agency, the board has decided to adopt a new collection/return policy on the Park and Community Room. To better monitor the cash exchanges, the board decided to open a separate account and have two signatures when collecting and handing back deposits. This will leave a paper trail so all transactions can be referenced.

After some discussion, the board decided to not increase the fee for the town of Hornellsville to use the courtroom. Instead of the fee going up $200 per year over 4 years, the fee will stay flat at the original $3,400 per year. “The town of Hornellsville does a lot for us,” said Sliter, “It would be a nice gesture to keep their rental rate the same for the use of the courtroom.” Mayor Charlie Flanders and all the trustees also agreed.

The board also announced the polling place, date, and hours for the upcoming Village elections. They will take place Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 at the Village Hall. They usually take place on Tuesday, but St. Patricks Day falls on that date next year. Up for re-election will be Flanders and two other Trustees.

And finally the board may be seeking a $75,000 grant to clean up and organize their records room. If successful, they would receive necessary equipment for filing paperwork, and document conversions that convert files from paper to a digital median. If the board decides to pursue the grant, they must submit a plan on how the money would be spent.