Arkport Village News

February 18, 2020

ARKPORT, NY – The Arkport Village Board got some great news Tuesday evening about a commitment from Crowleys Food (Hood Inc) concerning future investments at their plant in Arkport NY.

Crowley’s officially announced they are going to heavily invest in their plant with recent grant money they received. According to Deputy Mayor Jon Hedges, this could include additions of jobs, and infrastructure/equipment upgrades. No specific details about their plans were given at the meeting, but WLEA news will release that info as soon as it’s available.

Also announced was that Thomas Dugo, a 10 year resident of Arkport, will be running unopposed for Mayor in the upcoming March 18th elections. Also running for re-election will be Jon Hedges and Ryan Beers. Hedges is currently filling in as Deputy Mayor after the passing of Charlie Flanders.

Two resolutions were passed Tuesday evening; the first being an appropriation to the general fund, and the second a re-levy of unpaid water bills to the tax roll for 2019.

After a letter from Snyder Brothers Cemetery Service about their fee increases, the board will discuss how it will move forward with their prices for the use of Woodlawn cemetery in the future. A meeting with cemetery head Tom Hunt is scheduled before any fee adjustment is decided.

And finally, Patricia Lupo gave a treasurers report for the village. The general fund had an income of $25,450, and an expense of $23,926. The water fund had an income of $1,247, and an expenditure of $13,656, and the capital fund had no change.

The next Arkport Village meeting will be March 17th, 2020.