Arkport Board Votes To Appeal Judge’s Dollar Store Decision

                  Arkport Village Board

October 15, 2019

ARKPORT, NY – The Arkport Village Board met Tuesday evening and a number of items were discussed.

There was an executive session at the end of the meeting, and afterwards, the village board unanimously voted to appeal the judge’s decision about allowing Margaret Horan to have a dollar store on her land (the argument has been over whether the property is zoned “commercial” or “agricultural”.

An update on the water project was given and according to the board the last obstacle is Oak Hill and that in its final stages of construction. All that remains there is pressure testing and hooking up the lines  to surrounding residents. According to trustee Jon Hedges, they are waiting on the 3rd bid phase from a subcontractor and then restoration will immediately follow, hopefully sometime next week.

One resident voiced concerned during public comment that the newly installed water shutoffs on individual properties sit to high from the ground and could easily be sheared off, and his other concern was that his property may not be restored to its original condition. Mayor Charlie Flanders assured him that everyone’s property will be completely restored and not to worry about the water shutoffs because they are collapsible. Flanders advice was to watch the restoration work being done and if it is subpar let the contractor know.

In other news the board passed a resolution that will increase the rental fee for the use of the village owned courtroom by $200 per year until 2023. The next step will be to present it to Hornellsville Town Supervisor Dan Broughton for their approval.

A resolution was also passed to re levy $10,659 in unpaid 2019 village taxes to the county for collection, and a new crossing guard/cleaner for the village was also approved. Zelda Pursley will be taking over both duties in the near future. She will initially perform a deep cleaning of village hall for $200 and charge $12 an hour for periodic cleanings after that.

And finally there were no reports submitted for the Cemetery, Code Enforcement, and DPW.