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Assembly GOP Calls For Reform

June 13, 2018

ALBANY, NY – Assembly Republicans Brian Kolb (R, Canandaigua) Joe Giglio (R, Allegany, Steuben Counties) and Phil Palmesano held a press conference today, about the need for economic development reforms in state government. “I’m proud to join my Assembly GOP colleagues in calling on the assembly majority to pass common sense, bi-partisan reform legislation that’s already passed (in) the state senate,” Palmesano said today. Referring to scandals and court cases that involve top officials of Governor Andrew Cuomo, Palmesano spoke of the need to restore the reputation of New York State government. “With the Percoco conviction and Alain E. Kaloyeros, and the Buffalo Billion, and all the other clouds and challenges that are facing in our economic development programs, we need more transparency and oversight, to restore trust and integrity back into government for our taxpayers,” Palmesano said.

Assemblyman Joe Giglio expressed a certain amount of disbelief that this sort of ethics reform was needed. “It is really incredible that we have to pass LAWS to make it transparent,” Giglio stated. “One of the Governor’s top staffers is facing 50 years in jail for corruption, Crystal Run and its suspicious donations and state grants, the sale of a $15 million film hub for a single dollar, the list of failed and corrupt economic development projects goes on and on. The time is now to pass real ethics reform and shine the light of day on how the state spends our money.”

Assemblyman Brian Kolb: “Inaction from the Assembly Majority is simply inexcusable. With no explanation and no just cause, it continues to block much-needed reforms for no good reason. New York’s economic development programs are broken, ineffective and corrupt. One would have to search long and hard to find another program so obviously in need of reform, and every day without action is an indictment on the Assembly Majority and evidence of its grossly-irresponsible approach to protecting New Yorkers’ money.”

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