Assemblyman Chris Friend: I Am Concerned For Teachers

April 6, 2015

ALBANY, NY – Assemblyman Chris Friend (R, Big Flats) says he is concerned for teachers as the new teacher evaluations set forth in the budget seem to be in flux. Friend says that during last week’s debate, the Assembly Majority stressed the autonomy of the state Education Department, saying the department would think hard about not relying heavily on high-stakes testing. At the same time, Gov. Cuomo stressed the importance of such testing in evaluating teachers, students, and schools. “I am very concerned for the teaching profession,” Friend said. “Who will win in the end? Should we have faith in a state Education Department that handled the disastrous roll out of Common Core? Should we have faith in an education bill that many in the majority voted for ‘with heavy hearts?’ Should we have faith in a governor’s office that vetoed his own teacher evaluation reform measure following his election bid? There are not many allies for teachers in the room deciding this evaluation policy.”