Assemblyman Chris Friend Wants Feds To Look Into Cornell After Video

March 26, 2015

BIG FLATS, NY – A statement by Assemblyman Christopher Friend (R,-Big Flats):

“Yesterday’s video released by Project Veritas regarding Cornell Assistant Dean of Students for Student Activities, Joseph Scaffido, and his willingness to allow a certain organization on campus is very troubling. The Islamic State and Hamas are very dangerous terrorist cells that have killed American hostages and threaten the lives of our citizens here and abroad. They are at war with us. I am calling on the Department of Homeland Security to begin a full-scale investigation into Cornell University, and ensure that no criminal wrongdoing is being perpetrated there. Cornell is a major employer, educator and policy driver in the Southern Tier, and I assure you, no one in the Southern Tier wants Hamas activity this close to their homes.

“Yesterday’s message from University President David Skorton basically blamed the investigator and did not mention how something like this would be prevented in the future. How can someone shaping the young minds of our future leaders be so uninformed about world events to encourage and offer to fund this on a college campus?

“Skorton also failed to address any proposed disciplinary action for the administrator. Moving forward, it is my hope that Scaffido will be disciplined by the university. Until that happens, we will discuss any potential punitive measures the state Legislature can impose on the university. This includes, but is not limited to, eliminating the $156 million Cornell is slated to receive in state funding.”