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Assemblywoman Byrnes’ Petition About Natural Gas Heat

February 16, 2023 

Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes (R,C-Caledonia) has launched a petition to stop the mandatory electrification of New York state as called for by Gov. Kathy Hochul in her Executive Budget proposal. The budget proposes to prohibit the installation of fossil fuel appliances and furnaces in new single-family homes after December 31, 2025, as well as the installation of such units in existing single-family homes after December 31, 2030.

“With the majority of our state relying on natural gas to heat their home or cook with, it is not practical to ask New Yorkers to make a switch in this timeframe. People work hard enough already to try to keep up with the high costs of living in this state. With inflation and the economy, people have enough worries. Our government should be lessening those worries, not adding to them,” said Byrnes. “I cannot express how deeply concerning the governor’s proposal has been to people from every community in our district, and I’ve heard the same thing from my colleagues in Albany from both sides of the aisle. That’s why I launched this petition, so people can come together and we can send a clear message to the governor that this proposal is not wanted and does not make sense.”

Byrnes said people want a choice in how they cook at home or at their business. People and businesses have also expressed concerns to her about heating and cooling costs and the impact the added pressure will have on the state’s electrical grid. She said the concern is not about alternative fuels or environmental protection, it’s about people wanting to be free to have a choice. Natural gas has long been a safe, affordable and clean source of fuel for New Yorkers, both in terms of heating as well as cooking. Additionally, many rely on natural gas as a back-up choice for stoves, converted fireplaces and back-up generators during winter storms and times when the power goes out.

Byrnes encourages anyone who wants to have freedom of choice in their source for fuel to cook and heat their home to please sign this petition, which can be found at:

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