Bernie and Trump Won Steuben County

April 20, 2016
BATH, NY – As heard on the national news, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won the state primary. Locally however, the Steuben County Board of Elections reports that Bernie Sanders won the Democrat primary here in Steuben County, with 57 percent of the vote, over Hillary Clinton’s 42 percent. It was a surprisingly low voter turnout, 4,769 Democrat voters came out yesterday, according to the county election office.
It was also a surprisingly low turnout for Republicans in Steuben County, 11, 081 voters, and Donald Trump came in first place in the county, with 53 percent, John Kasich came in second place, 23 percent and Ted Cruz came in third, with 20 percent in Steuben County.
Below is the list of local delegates who will be going to the Democrat Convention:

Emily Adams(F) (DEM) 2,169 12.04%
Barbara Lifton(F) (DEM) 1,660 9.22%
Mathew K. Ashford(M) (DEM) 1,927 10.70%
Svante Myrick(M) (DEM) 1,360 7.55%
Molly E. C. Grover(F) (DEM) 2,060 11.44%
Irene Stein(F) (DEM) 1,666 9.25%
Donald M. Bazley(M) (DEM) 1,585 8.80%
Shawn D. Hogan(M) (DEM) 2,125 11.80%
Mary D. Thorpe(F) (DEM) 2,124 11.79%
Bushra Sheikh(F) (DEM) 1,337 7.42%
Total 18,013 100.00%