Brick Thrown Through Reed’s Campaign Office Window In Corning

August 26, 2020

From Congressman Reed’s Twitter Page:
US House candidate, NY-23

Last night a brick was thrown through our campaign office in my hometown of Corning causing extensive damage. Thank God no one was hurt but this renews our commitment to stand up to this hatred and extremism. I will continue to try to unite us as violence is never acceptable!

Click below, to hear phone interview with Congressman Tom Reed about this,
(The audio lasts 6 minutes 20 seconds.)

Full statement from the Congressman Reed Campaign:
Congressman Tom Reed’s Corning campaign office was the target of violence last night. A brick was thrown through the window leaving glass strewn throughout the office. “This extreme behavior is unacceptable,” Reed said in reaction to the attack. “Volunteers are usually sitting right by that window. I am thankful no one was here when this happened, and no one was hurt.” This is another sad example of the radicalism we see every day from our opponents and the far left,” observed Matt Coker, spokesman for the campaign. It has to stop.”

“I will continue fighting this extremism,” Reed said. “They bring violence, but we will keep standing against their hatred. We will stand proudly for what we believe in, be willing to listen to those who disagree, and in the end seek to unite our nation. That is when we are at our best.” Reed also thanked Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano and Democrat Bill Boland, Mayor of the City of Corning, for standing with him amongst the damage. “We are here not as Republicans or Democrats, but united to say that violence like this doesn’t solve problems.” Reed also lauded the Corning Police Department, which is investigating the attack. “We have always had the back of our police, and I know they have our back as well. We look forward to the results of their investigation and justice being done.”