Bryant School Update

June 16, 2021

HORNELL, NY – Earlier in the week, the Law and Ordinance Committee met to review the possibility of rezoning the Bryant School from a R2 to R3 multi family. After discussing the matter, the committee voted it down by a 3-2 margin. Voting in favor were Alderman Jeff Brown and Alderwoman Melissa Ponticello. The no votes were aldermen Steve Shinebarger, Kevin Valentine and Rich Argentieri.

Now unless the committee votes to change zoning, the Bryant School won’t be sold.

Update – 7:52am – Wlea called Alderman Rich Argentieri this morning, and Argentieri says the reason that he was originally a no-vote, was because there was not enough information presented about the Bryant School project, at the Law and Ordinance meeting the other night. Argentieri says since then, he has spoken with some officials about the project, and there will be another vote on Thursday at 5pm, and he will very likely change his vote to “yes” on Thursday evening, at the second vote.