Brzozowski Officially Begins his Tenure as New Fire Chief

January 9th, 2019

HORNELL, NY – Ray Brzozowski officially began his term and the new Fire Chief for the city of Hornell Wednesday morning.

Brzozowski began his career as a firefighter in 1977 with the South Hornell Fire Dept, and in 1992, Brzozowski became a full time firefighter joining the Hornell Fire Department. In 2007 he was promoted to captain.

In front of a packed house at the Fire Dept, Bzozowski thanked everyone who helped him advance through the years, with a special thanks to his wife and two daughters, who were present . “It’s been a lot of nights with late dinners and canceling plans altogether, but they have stuck with me through all these years and that’s the reason why I’m standing here today.”

“One word kind of sums this whole thing up is wow,” stated Brzozowski, “Everyone wants to know where a true firefighter comes from and that is family. They are the ones that sacrificed day in and day out through the years for me to be in this position.”