Buckley Comments on Fires – 4 Resolutions Pass

November 19th, 2019

HORNELL, NY – Hornell’s monthly Common Council meeting opened with the passage of 4 resolutions, and then a commentary on the major fire Sunday afternoon by the Mayor.

The first resolution dealt with the current residency laws for city employment. The Mayor and Common Council made a determination that the City of Hornell’s current residency requirement laws for employees has made it difficult to recruit new employees, and they made the determination that it would be in the best interests of the City to expand the geographic area in which employees may reside.

The amended law now reads: Every person employed on a full-time basis by the City of Hornell shall reside within a fifteen 15 mile radius of the City of Hornell’s boundaries as a qualification of employment, and within six months of the date of the initial service of the City of Hornell. During the time of service no individual shall cease to be a resident within the fifteen the 15 mile radius except for seasonal or part¬ time workers.

The Common Council also amended and changed the way residency requirement waivers are handled within the City, and decided it would best be handled by an appointed committee. The new committee will consist of the Mayor, the senior most Public Safety Commissioner, and the senior most Public Works Commissioner. This was given a green light by the Public Ordinance Committee

The second resolution allows Mayor John Buckley to execute and submit a 2019 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) application for housing rehabilitation activities within the city.

The third resolution establishes the standard work days for elected and appointed city officials and will report the days worked to the New York State and Local Employees’ Retirement System based on the time keeping system records. It is the responsibility of each Council Member to keep and submit a monthly log of their activities on City Business.

The final resolution added subsections to the Hornell City Codes General Parking Restrictions. The subsections will read as follows:
1. No vehicle shall be parked with its curb side tires being more than 12 inches from the existing curb.
2. No vehicle shall be parked with its left or driver side tires nearest the curb.