Buckley Gets Endorsement From 7th Ward Alderman Valentine

October 11, 2021

HORNELL, NY – I’m Kevin Valentine and I am just completing my first term as alderman for the 7th ward. I have been honored to serve the 7th ward in this role and have learned so much in my first term. I have known John Buckley most of my life and feel he has done a fantastic job as mayor for the City of Hornell. He has helped me to help the people of the 7th ward and I am proud to endorse him for a second term for mayor.

As a new alderman, I found it exciting to be able to bring in new ideas and provide my expertise to the common council and various committees. However, I also had a lot to learn. I found the orientation prior to the beginning of my term to be enormously helpful and allow me to be best prepared for what to expect. With any question, concern or difficult issue, I found working with the mayor’s office to be informative and helpful. For example, many in the 7th ward recall the difficulty with the trains at the rail crossing. I worked hard with the mayor and he worked with connecting us with state and federal representatives to work to resolve the issue.

Mayor John Buckley has done a great job for the City of Hornell. As an alderman, he helps to provide us with tools and information, but respects our roles and decision making. This dynamic serves our community best. I hope you join me on Tuesday, November 2nd and vote for John Buckley for a second term as mayor for the City of Hornell.

Kevin Valentine
7th Ward Alderman