Buckley Officially Takes Oath of Office

December 30th, 2017

HORNELL, NY – Mayor-Elect John Buckley officially made the transition to Mayor Saturday afternoon at 1pm in front of over 200 onlookers at the old courthouse building on Allen Street in the city.

John Frungillo opened the ceremony calling it a historic event, having elected our first new Mayor in 32 years. The mic was then handed over to Deacon Bob McCormick who gave a powerful invocation. City Court Judge David Coddington then promptly swore Buckley in to an overwhelming applause, and Buckley finished with a short speech basically thanking friends and family and everyone who helped him along the way. Buckley’s four year term as Mayor starts Monday, January 1st, 2018 and runs through December 31, 2022.

Also, special thanks and a round of applause was given to former Mayor Shawn Hogan for his 32 years of service and leadership in the city.