HPD praised at Monday’s Common Council Meeting

September 11th, 2017

HORNELL, NY – Mayoral candidate and Alderman John Buckley made it a point to praise the Hornell PD for the recent drug arrests in the city and saving another life with the quick implementation of Narcan.

The Hornell PD recently arrested four suspects recently in connection with an overdose, Jessica Davis, 25, of Hornell, Damon Flurshultz, 24, of Hornell, Amanda Alexin, 23, of Hornell, and Keith Cline, 27, of Belfast.

“Within the last 7 or 8 days the HPD encountered 5 instances where Narcan had to be administered to save a life from an opioid overdose,” said Mayor Hogan. “We understand that this is a big problem everywhere, not just our community, and I think our city has been very proactive about the problem, more so than most.” Hogan was also pleased that the state is now providing Narcan free to communities such as ours saving our taxpayers money.

In other news the new Taco Bell planned for the corner on 41 Main Street is moving forward at a brisk pace with the Common Council passing both a SEQR and NEPA Monday night. Hogan expects the new restaurant will bring in 40 total jobs, 9 full time and 31 part time.

Also the Youth and Recreation board lead by Alderman Jim Bassage continues moving ahead with a new pay scale and requirements for summer recreation help. Hogan noted that any decisions on a new pay scale for the summer employees needs to be reported to him ASAP so it can be included in next year’s budget. Hogan estimated the city employs about 60 youths through their summer rec programs and they are responsible for the total expense, with no grants or subsidies to help out, noting that that should kept in mind when adjusting their pay scale.