Buffalo News Story On Congressman Reed

Buffalo News Story On Congressman Reed
February 24, 2014

BUFFALO, NY – The Buffalo News is reporting that Congressman Tom Reed was in violation of an American Bar Association rule three years ago, by having his name as part of his old law firm until sometime during 2011, when Reed’s law office was in transition. That issue arose after Reed was elected a member of the House of Representatives in November 2010.

Reed’s Democrat opponent Martha Robertson calls this news “disappointing,” and says it appears to be a “pattern”. Hornell Republican Leader John Buckley maintains that this is just an election year hit-piece from the left. “It’s an old story from more than three years ago,” Buckley tells WLEA News. “For the sole purpose to make Congressman Reed look bad in an election year. The liberal media at it’s best,” said Buckley.

Reporters Grilling Reed On Buffalo News Story – Video