Canaseraga Village News

May 24, 2016

CANASERAGA – The sewer and water projects in Canaseraga continue to be a priority for the the Village of Canaseraga Board of Trustees.

A representative from Koester Associates, Brian Link, is three days through his five-day evaluation (comprehensive plan) of the venture slated to cost $54,769.50, mayor Doug Ames said at Monday’s monthly meeting. According to Ames, everything at the main plant is “up and running.”

“It’s all been brought up to snuff,” Ames said. “We have all the blowers rotating as they should be, although we do need to order some parts to allow them to work properly. Three large motors will have to be removed in order to be checked and serviced. There are also a few electrical components that will need to be replaced.

“The sand filter area needs to be taken out and cleaned. It has to be sandblasted and repainted before we replace all the media. The pump stations in the village are on the list for when he completes the final two days. He’ll also being the inspection of the tank where the media is removed.”

That process raises another wrinkle in the game plan. In order to remove the media, the sand and gravel will have to be “vacuumed” out. Early estimates pit that portion of the project at $20,000 – a number which doesn’t include disposal. It’s also a number which Ames says is not currently in the village’s budget. Other options are beginning to be explored.

“It has to be done because a portion of that 54,000 – 25,000 of it is for the new media,” Ames said. “In order to do that it has to be vacuumed and removed. So, yeah, there’s a lot of stuff going on down there.”

Two employees of Bernier, Carr & Associates – Corey Reed and Matt Cooper – were also present at Monday’s meeting. BCA was brought on to replace the Larson Design Group on the water project.

“They are the ones who originally did the waste water treatment plant originally,” Ames said. “They’re helping us to find funding to help off-set the cost of repairs at the plant.”

The other major topic discussed was garbage pick-up. Allegany County recently decided that it would no longer collect garbage from the village beginning June 1. Alternatives continue to be looked at for the “village” trash and residents will need to pay for their own service.

The meeting lasted approximately 58 minutes. The next regular meeting is scheduled for June 27 at 7 p.m.

NOTES: The annual Memorial Day Parade is scheduled for May 30 at 9 a.m. … The village spent approximately $1,000 restoring the water system and installing a new hot water tank at the Village Park … the AC unit in the two village ambulance has been replaced at a cost of about $2,800, and a water pump in one was fixed for $978 – the second of which has been proposed to be picked up by the fire department … new work hours were approved for the DPW Supervisor… several residents brought up the village’s “derelict car and junk boat” problem … another resident discussed a leaking water valve in front of his house, a leaky connection in his basement, as well as an uncleaned catch basin in the backyard.