Canisteo Attorney Watches Letter To The State

January 28, 2015

CANISTEO, NY – Canisteo attorney Chauncey Watches has sent a letter to Governor Cuomo and State Health Commissioner Dr. Zucker.

The letter explains that there are several other smaller areas, with lower populations than around the Canisteo Valley, that have better medical care than what the St James new vision is proposing.

“Hornell has a population in the city just over 9,000 if you include the surrounding villages, within 5 minute drives; North Hornell, Almond, Arkport, and Canisteo, the population is closer to 13,500,” Watches wrote.  “There are an additional 7500 residents in nearby Allegany County that are closer to Hornell than they are to Jones Memorial Hospital, Wellsville.  There are several cities in the state that are lower in population, that have medical facilities of 60, 58, and 25 acute care beds, not to mention the associated clinics.”