Canisteo BOE Presents Final Budget Numbers

May 8, 2017

CANISTEO, NY – At a public hearing Monday night board president Jeremy Palotti was pleased to announce final numbers on a budget that will have no tax increase. This is actually nothing new for the district at during the last six years, there have only been tax increases twice with a combined increase of only 3.6%. During the other four years, including this year, the district has not taken or asked for a tax increase.

The total budget this year comes in at $23,306,620, which is only a .76% increase over last year’s $23,129,936 budget. Of that $3,812,807 is for capital, $1,889,608 is for administrative expenses, and $17,604,205 for programs.

This year’s allowable levy increase while staying under the cap would have been 1.3% or an increase of $69,588 on the levy. Again, as with the Hornell school district, the big increase in state aid was a major factor in keeping the levy at zero percent.

There will be three propositions on this year’s ballot:
Proposition #1 the actual school budget
Proposition #2 the library tax increase
Proposition #3 the BOE Elections for 2 open seats

The school board wanted to remind everyone that the budget vote will be on Tuesday, May 16th, from 10am to 8pm at Somers Hall in Canisteo, and the Greenwood Fire Hall.