Canisteo-Greenwood: Budget Update And News On the Canisteo Living Sign

April 11, 2016
CANISTEO, NY – After getting final aid numbers from Albany, Canisteo-Greenwood superintendent Jeremy Palotti was able to put together a budget and present it to the board Monday night. With a tax levy increase of 2%, and a total budget of $23,129,936 for the 2016-17 school year, it looks like the district will be exceeding the 2% cap and needing a super majority vote of 60% or more to pass the budget.

There is a 2.45 percent increase from last year’s budget, which is 14 cents on a thousand dollars.
The good news is that no personal cuts are needed and all programs will remain in tact. If the budget fails a contingency budget could be put in place.
Also on the ballot scheduled for a May 17th vote will be three open board seats and a Library proposition. Residents are reminded that they can vote at Somers Hall or the Greenwood fire Hall from 10:00am until 8:00pm.
In other news, school district employee John Adams was in attendance and gave an update on the progress of replacing the Canisteo Living Sign. “We were making great progress until a few weeks ago,” said Adams. “Snowy, and wet weather has made conditions too muddy to work in.” He assured the board that a lot of progress will be made in the upcoming month. Superintendent Palotti was happy to announce that community support for the project has been tremendous and that large donations have been steadily coming in. It was also announced that formal recognition will be given to anyone who donates $100 or more.