Canisteo-Greenwood School District Growing

October 11, 2016

CANISTEO, N.Y. – At Tuesday evening’s monthly Board of Education meeting in Canisteo Superintendent Jeremy Palotti had some good news for the board. “Our numbers are up by about 20 students district wide from last year.” Palotti continued, “Not only do we have more students in the district, but we have more students physically within the district. Board president Mike Nesbit questioned whether it was one particular class or kids starting school, with Palotti responding that it’s not just the kindergarten class but an influx throughout all the grades.

One of the major factors for the growth was that kids that were enrolled in other school districts are now coming back. Last year Canisteo-Greenwood had 22 students enrolled in either Boces or other schools, this year they have zero.

In conclusion Palotti stated that it is unusual to see enrollments rise in this area and hoped the trend continues.