Canisteo-Greenwood to Replace Cafeteria Floor

December 12, 2016

CANISTEO, NY – The Canisteo-Greenwood Board of Education heard a proposal Monday night from Labella architect Alton Ainslie about replacing the floor in the Elementary/Middle school cafeteria. Every year Albany allots school districts $100,000 in aid specifically for a capital outlay project.

This year the board decided to use the money to replace a cafeteria floor. The old tile floor is outdated, can become very slippery, and is covering up plumbing that is not up to code standards. The project entails replacing it with Quarry tile. Quarry tile is extensively used for floors where a very durable material is required. It can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Also after the old floor is tore up, plumbing underneath that is decades old will be replaced and much needed grease trap will be installed.
A big question by the board is what happens once the old floor is removed and they realize that more needs to be done running in excess of the $100,000 of aid. In that case the school district would be responsible and should plan ahead in the upcoming school budget. If everything goes on schedule, the construction could begin this summer.

Also the school district is currently undertaking rapid response planning. Under this program, the school works with police, fire, ambulance, and rescue teams in allowing them to tie in with all school surveillance cameras, phones, and other resources to aid in a speedy resolution in case of a tragedy. According to Palotti the web based program is very affordable and offed by Boces.