Canisteo Is Trying To Win $2.5 Million

September 14, 2022

Several dozen Canisteo residents attended a public hearing about Canisteo trying to win $2.5 million dollars, from the New York State Forward New York contest between municipalities. Senator Tom O’Mara is sending a letter of support of Canisteo winning this money. The five people who are on the local committee seeking this money, are: Tom and Rosemary Kneale, Steve Cotton, Larry Fairman and Mike Palmer.

In other Canisteo news, the village has gotten good news and bad news from FEMA. First, the bad news. FEMA might require the Village of Canisteo to pay flood insurance, because of the August 18th 2021 flooding. Canisteo Mayor Monica Recktenwald says that FEMA’s good news for Canisteo, is that FEMA has given Canisteo Village Hall $5,000, for storm damage money because of the August 18th 2021 flooding.