Canisteo Living Sign to be Completed this Week


May 9, 2016


Canisteo, NY – A public hearing on the 2016-17 school budget preceded the regular monthly Canisteo Greenwood Board of Education meeting Monday evening. Superintendent Jeremy Palotti gave a brief overview before public comments were taken.

The $23,129,936 budget calls for a 2% tax increase which in turn figures out to be a 14 cent tax increase per $1000 of assessed value over last year’s budget. Due to a complicated formula a super majority vote of 60% will be needed to pass.

There will be three propositions on the ballot; the actual budget, three open seats on the board, and the Library budget. A big concern from one local Canisteo resident was that the Library is asking for a 25% increase in their budget over last year. Palotti said that the increase was because of increases in minimum wages and health insurance. Palotti also made it a point that the school board has no say over the Library budget. The vote will be held next Tuesday, May 17th.

In other news it was announce that the Canisteo Living Sign project will be completed Wednesday at 2pm. A small ceremony will take place with the board present in the planting of the last tree. The district has received donations from over 65 people so far with the total well over $14,000.