Canisteo Mayor Questions Order To Inspect Village Water Lines

Canisteo Mayor Tucker Questions Need For Water Line Inspection
May 6, 2014

CANISTEO, NY – According to Canisteo Village Mayor Bill Tucker, the Army Corp of Engineers has told officials wit h the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, to order the Village of Canisteo to do an inspection of penetrations of the water lines in Canisteo.

For Canisteo Mayor Bill Tucker, this is causing Canisteo Village Hall some problems. “It’s another unfunded mandate,” Tucker told WLEA News. “We did not budget for this kind of work, at this point, we don’t know who can do it for us, because we can’t do it ourselves, according to the D.E.C., we have to hire a contractor. It has to be an approved contractor. Who is an approved contractor? Nobody knows that,” said Tucker, who also noted that this work is supposed to be done by June 2 of this year.

In other Canisteo news, Tucker says the bidding for contractors is coming up later this month, for sidewalk improvements near both schools in Canisteo. The funding for the sidewalk work comes from Federal Department of Transportation.