Canisteo Might Plant A New Living Sign

January 12, 2016

CANISTEO, NY – The Canisteo-Greenwood board of education conducted their monthly meeting Monday night and on top of the agenda was the revitalization of the Canisteo Living Sign.

Last month a community meeting was held to get a general idea how local residents feel about upgrading/replacing the sign.

“All the feedback coming from that meeting was very positive,” School Superintendent Jeremy Palotti noted to the board. According to Palotti, the overall consensus was just trimming and planting will be insufficient, with actually removing and replanting the way to go.

The school board was also very excited to hear that the community would like to help out any way they can whether it be donating a tree in their name or holding fundraisers for the project. Palotti noted that any fundraiser that will be held should be by the community only and not the district for fear of red tape with Albany.