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Canisteo News: Water Bills And Upcoming Public Hearings

October 11 2023

Canisteo Village Hall made a change to their law on late water bill payments. The new rule is, people who purchase homes outside of the village of Canisteo, which the village provides water and sewer to, they will have to pay the former owner’s water bills, if any exist. This new law went into effect immediately.

Also, there’s going to be three public hearing coming up at Canisteo Town Hall. One public hearing will be about over riding the two percent property tax cap, the fire and ambulance contract with the village of Canisteo, and the 2024 Canisteo Budget.

The first public hearing will be at 630, the second one at 640, and the third one at 650pm, and those three public hearings will be on Monday November 13.

Also, the Canisteo Greenwood School Board is thanking one of their students, Reilly Bloom, for coming up with the new logo for the new team name, the Chargers.

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