Canisteo Police Release List of Suspects Wanted On Warrants

December 27, 2018

CANISTEO, NY – From Canisteo Police, A List of Active Village of Canisteo Warrants

Traci L. Francis, DOB 4-10-76, Last known address 288 Canisteo St., Hornell, NY

Michael L. Christensen, DOB 12-13-69, Last known address, 107B Coates St., Elkland, Pa.

William H. Bettencourt, DOB 4-11-87, Last known address, 132 Prospect Ave., Apt. 21., Middletown, RI

Brian D. Hogan, DOB 7-4-73, Last known address, 17 Pearl St., Hornell, NY

Douglas C. Conner, DOB 1-14-75, Last known address 228 Grand St., Hornell, NY

Nevada J. Anderson, DOB 11-23-84, Last known address 49 Bennett St., Apt. 201., Hornell, NY

Charles W. Stone, DOB 4-5-83, Last known address 1316 Lake Street Apt A., Elmira, NY

Ian M. Peraldo, DOB 2-19-98, Last known address 520 St Rte 36, Troupsburg, NY

Jayme R. Corette-McMahon, DOB 10-2-94, Last known address 44 Russell St Apt A, Canisteo NY

Ricky J. Pierson, DOB 12-30-67, Last known address 1 Laine Court, Canisteo NY

Thomas C. Joseph, DOB 10-7-95, Last known address 44 Rickard St. Cortland NY

Jennifer M. Gerbes, DOB 6-11-98, Last known address 1467 Church Hill Rd, Greenwood NY

Brandy M. Wise, DOB 9-13-78, Last known address 11935 SW 230th Ct, Dunnellon FL

Christopher G. Yoder, DOB 5-27-76, Last known address 605 Hill St, Lebanon PA

Liberty S. Wilmoth, DOB 6-18-85, Last known address 3915 Cty Rte 70A, Avoca NY

Gary S. Naylor, DOB 12-10-76, Last known address 5903 Edmondson Ave, Catonsville MD

Diana D. See, DOB 6-6-68, Last known address 30 Russell Street, Canisteo NY

Kaleb E. Heidrick, DOB 6-19-89, Last known address 95 Cty Rte 86, Addison NY
Any information pertaining to these warrants, please complete the warrant information form or call the Canisteo Village Police Department at (607)-698-4211.