Canisteo Residents And Jack The Dog

January 9, 2018

CANISTEO, NY – Some Canisteo town residents complained last night at the Canisteo Town Hall meeting, about Canisteo Dog Officer Gary Hadsell, and his alleged treatment of Jack the dog. Canisteo Town Supervisor Steve Weed says that the dog had been in the Canisteo Animal Shelter since last Wednesday, but is now back with it’s owner.

The issue is that Jack the Dog, had been chained outdoors, during the winter weather, which had gotten some local residents very concerned. “A major lack of common sense,” is being displayed over this issue, Weed stated. “It’s none of your business, unless the dog is being beaten,” Weed said. The dog is now back with it’s owner, and Supervisor Weed says that the dog is in a better situation, and is in an insulated dog kennel. “He is not chained now,” Weed said.