Canisteo Meeting Gets Heated

June 13, 2016

Hornell, NY – At Canisteo’s monthly town board meeting things got a little heated after hearing Town Highway Supervisor Carl Howland’s proposal to purchase a new roller and mower. The big debate was whether to outright purchase a new roller at a cost of $105,000 and resell the old one, or rent a one for a monthly cost and transportation fee. It was explained that through C.H.I.P.S funding, the town would only have to come up with half of the money, and the state supply the other half. Board member Wally Wade, concerned about the impact on local taxpayers, was strongly opposed to the purchases. The voting on the proposition to purchase a new roller was close, with three members for and two against.

When the second proposition for the new mower came around things got a little heated. “You just bought a new truck for $200,000 and then turned around and wanted another, now you want $7,500 for a new mower, what do expect me to say, yes yes yes,” said Wade. The proposal to purchase a new mower was not as lucky with the board suggesting Howland make do with what he has for now.

In other news town supervisor Steve Weed appointed John Peisher as Deputy Supervisor in the event something happens to him and he cannot do his job.

Also a letter was received from the Hornell Humane Society asking for donations on their new venture to trap/neuter and return feral cats to the wild. They now have a full time vet that will be working on the project during the months of June and July, at a cost of $4,000. The donations will help purchase traps, medicines and office supplies, in addition to staff personal.

And finally Highway Supervisor Howland told the board that one of his employees is retiring and asked for permission to start searching for his replacement. The board unanimously agreed