Slight Decline in Population For Steuben and Allegany Counties

March 25, 2016
As far as those coming to and going from Steuben and Allegany counties, there is a slight decline. According to the Albany conservative think tank, The Empire Center, between 2010 and 2015, in Steuben County, 384 people relocated to Steuben County, and 2,426 people left it. In Allegany county, 398 people came to live, 1,923 people left.
If you read the U.S. Census website, it shows that the Steuben County population in 2010 was 98,990, and in 2015 the Steuben County population was 97,671.
The census website also shows that in 2010 in Allegany county, the population was 48,946. The Allegany County population in 2015, was 47,462.
Click here to see Empire Center data.
Click here to read Census website for Steuben County.
Click here to read Census website for Allegany County.