CG: Covid Test Kits For Families Of Students

December 29, 2021

From Canisteo-Greenwood School Superintendent Tom Crook:

Dear Families:

This week, Governor Kathy Hochul identified a statewide goal of having as many students as possible tested for COVID as school resumes January 3. To accomplish this, the state will be providing enough testing kits to test every single student. The testing kits will be shipped to our BOCES to where they will then be distributed to each school district for distribution to all families. The Governor is asking that these tests be supplied as soon as possible to families, our intent is to provide these to you during the week of January 3rd, the exact date will depend ultimately on when our shipment is received from the State.
To be clear, there is no requirement that families test their children with these test kits, but the State is encouraging families to do so.
To ensure that these test kits are delivered to all student’s families that would like one, we will be developing a plan and will announce it next week when we get our delivery of tests.
We anticipate other updates and changes related to the on-going management of school operations due to the pandemic, once these are provided, we will send another update.
Thank you for your continued support through these ever-changing regulations and in ensuring that we create the safest school environment for all students to learn.

Yours in service,
Tom Crook