CG Superintendent: Canisteo-Greenwood Will Continue To Do Contact Tracing

January 12, 2022

From Canisteo-Greenwood School Superintendent Tom Crook:

While the district is still digesting the new covid protocols for schools, there is one thing that we want to communicate immediately. Since contact tracing has technically ended for the county, we feel that it is important that the district continues to notify parents of a potential contact at school. Until we know exactly how the NYS Department of Health is going to contact trace schools, CG will continue to do our own contact tracing. If your child has been in contact with a positive covid case at school, you will receive a message (text or email) from us stating that your child has been in close contact, please monitor symptoms over the next 5 days, and screening tests (similar to test-to-stay) will be offered. You will not receive any quarantine orders at this time but rather a courtesy heads-up that your child has been in close contact. Once we get more concrete information as to how this will all work with schools, I will pass that information on to the community.