Cider Creek Mass Producing Hand Sanitizers

March 27, 2020

STEUBEN COUNTY, NY – As many already know, Kevin Collins at Cider Creek is mass-producing hand sanitizers. Cider Creek is making 800 hand sanitizers just today. “This idea came to us last week, we’re obviously not the originators of this idea, there are many craft breweries and distilleries around the country that have started this process,” Collins told Wlea News. “Seeing that we’re shut down, for the most part, I was looking at my barrels and thought, well, these barrels would be better served if they were turned into hand sanitizers, verses cider to sell on the market. So I put up a post on Facebook, letting people know I was going to be making hand sanitizer, and I was originally going to be asking for donations of bottles of wine, because with the higher ABB in wine, that can be distilled out for more alcohol. Justin Recktenwald was one of the first people to reach out, telling me that he had about 1200 liters of wine, and that’s how the process began. We hooked up with Crooked Tuscer Distillery, they turn the wine into ethynal alcohol, that can be used to make the hand sanitizer.”

“Our goal is to help mitigate the spread of the pandemic, by helping flattening the curve. The quicker we can do that, the quicker everybody can get back to work, and the faster our economy will recover. Like Justin said, it’s us small businesses that we believe that will help us pull through this pandemic and get people back to work. It also shows the positive side of everything that’s going on and how effective the small businesses can be, when we collaborate on something like this.”

“Our immediate focus for the hand sanitizer is for the hospitals, the first responders, the elderly care facilities, and the essential workers that are out there in the market that have the highest risk of exposure. We are also selling these to individuals as well.”

Kevin Collins also says, they’re doing this project in honor of his father, the late local surgeon, Dr Byron Collins.

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