City DPW Employee Honored For Outstanding Service in February

February 27th, 2018

HORNELL, NY – City DPW employee Don Mosher was honored this month by Mayor John Buckley for his outstanding service over the past 8 years for numerous jobs he performs for the city.

DPW head Mitch Cornish praised Mosher saying, “Don has a enormous job for us, and he performs every task with high praise. He is usually out of the limelight, and he is one of our hardest working team members performing anything we ask him to do throughout the city. He always goes above and beyond whats asked of him every time we call on him!”

Buckley has a goal to reward any city employee with designation for their hard work and dedication to their job each month. Buckley said of Mosher, “If it’s broke, this is the man you want to fix it. He can fix just about anything. He saves the city and taxpayers a lot of money each year.” Mosher has been with the Hornell DPW since 2010.