City Finally Receives Bids for Phases 2 & 3 Upgrades to the Water Treatment Plant

    Hornell DPW Meeting 9-12-2019

September 13th, 2019

Hornell, NY – The Dept. of Public Works met Thursday afternoon at the Water Pollution Control Plant in the city and finally got some good news on long awaited bids for upgrades to the Water Treatment Plant. Bids were on contracts #2 and #3 of the project. Contract #1 or phase 1 is already underway.

Contract #2 went to low bidder LeChase Construction from Corning, NY for a total of $1,542,920. This work is labeled under general construction and involves various physical upgrades to the plant after the new concrete water tanks are in place. The tank replacement was part of phase 1 and should be completed before the snow falls.

Contract #3 was awarded to Optimum Controls Corp. out of Reading PA for a total of $506,009. This work entails major electrical upgrades after all other work is completed. All bids were awarded through LaBella Assoc. who is overseeing the project.