City Gets Presentation on WPCP Upgrades

   Clem Chung of LaBella Associates

July18th, 2019

HORNELL, NY – A representative from LaBella Associates was present at the Board of Public Works meeting Thursday morning and laid out a long term plan for major upgrades to the Water Pollution Control Plant. Clem Chung and Matt Higgins gave a Preliminary Engineering Report that included 3 phases of upgrades over a 10 year period at a total cost of $12,861,700.

Due to new stringent requirements by the DEC and Chesapeake Bay, waste water now has to undergo a more stringent disinfection process before it can be released into a tributary. Hornell has decided to go with Ultra Violet Effluent Disinfection over chlorine as it is cheaper, and because no harmful chemicals are involved, safer.

Of the suggested 10 year upgrade plan, the only item that must be done by 2022 is the UV disinfection; all other projects are highly recommended but not immediately necessary.

Phase 1 of the suggested plan would take place over a 5 year period at a cost of $5,841,200 and would entail the most needed upgrades:
UV Effluent Disinfection
Influent Pumps
Return Sludge Pumps
Digester Equipment/Repairs

Phase 2 would take place over 10 years at a cost of $2,169,300 and include:
Grift Removal Equipment
Misc Structural Repairs
Misc MEP Repairs
Trucked Waste Receiving Equipment

Phase 3 would not start until after 10 years at a cost of $4,851,200 and include:
Mech Sludge Dewatering
Additional Primary Clarifier
Sludge Storage Equipment/Repairs

Labella did summarize the project by saying there are many loans and grants available to help offset the cost, but the city would still be responsible for a portion of the fee. The Water Polution Control Plant was built in 1985 and has very few major upgrades since then.