City Happy with Byrne Dairy Compliance

October 17, 2016

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Mayor Shawn Hogan told the Common Council Monday night that he was extremely please with the changes Byrne Dairy has made in response to a noise petition made against them a few months ago. The company warehouse, located on the corner of Loder and Erie Avenue, has brought in new trailers that make a much less offensive noise which in turn has curtailed the complaints. Hogan said they are still working on other improvements and they also removed a porch on their building that was a haven for pigeons.

Also Hornell will be looking into a new plan on rates for receiving natural gas and electricity from a pilot program called Community Choice Aggregation. This program, new to New York, allows municipalities to put out for bid the total amount of natural gas or electricity being purchased by local residents or small businesses effectively giving them more control to lower their overall energy costs. If there is enough local support for the program, it could save a substantial amount of money on utility bills city wide.

In other news Leo “Buddy” Burdett was appointed to a four year term as the city’s health officer. Greg Johnson was re-appointed to another five year term on the H.H.A. Board of Commissioners, and Dan Lee was appointed to a four year term on the Board of Assessment Review.