City to Raise General Parking Ticket Fines

     Hornell Board of Public Safety

March 14th, 2019

HORNELL, NY – At the suggestion of Police Chief Ted Murray, the Board of Public Safety has agreed to increase general parking violations in the city from $10 to $20. “I checked into what other local communities are paying,” said Murray, “and we are by far the lowest. Canisteo and Bath each are charging $25.”

Murray and Mayor Buckley both agreed that with the added cost of the new parking ticket system and printing tickets, an increase is necessary.  Buckley added, “I don’t think charging only $10 was getting a lot of people’s attention, especially on heavy snow days when vehicles had to be cleared from the street for plowing.”

Buckley said he does not think this will have to go through the full Common Council meeting Monday night, but if it does he will present it. The increased fines will go into effect May 1st of this year.

In other business Leroy Lewis was appointed to Callman for the Hornell Fire Dept. Lewis is currently retired and was a Hornell Firefighter for 36 years. Everyone considered him an excellent choice for the position.

And finally Buckley wanted to remind people that with the St Patrick’s Day celebration coming up Saturday, everyone should drink responsibly and definitely not drink and drive. “The HAT bus services will be in full swing Saturday making stops at most establishments every 20 minutes. Law enforcement will be on high alert and expect DWI checkpoints.”