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Colleen Hauryski Become New Steuben Co Dem Election Commish

January 27, 2022

BATH, NY – A long-time Steuben County Board of Elections deputy commissioner has been appointed as the board’s new Democratic Commissioner. Colleen Hauryski’s nomination as commissioner by county Democratic Party Chair Shawn Hogan was unanimously approved by the county Legislature Monday.

Hauryski’s career on the board began as an elections inspector, followed by her appointment as a senior clerk in 2005. She was appointed deputy commissioner in 2015, serving under now-retired Democratic Commissioner Kelly Penziul. Hauryski’s experience in maintaining voter confidence during the years of transition from manual voting machines to electronic models has given her solid grounding in facing the ongoing bipartisan challenges of new federal and state laws.

Paired with Republican Elections Commissioner Veronica Olin, Hauryski said she will work along with all the staff to ensure the “utmost diligence to conduct fair and true elections.” Hauryski also pledged as Democratic Commissioner she will support her party’s move forward in the “progress of change.”

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