Congressman Reed: Gov. Cuomo Is A Liar

June 27, 2017

Governor Andrew Cuomo says that if Congress passes the part of the health care reform legislation to make Medicaid a state tax instead of a federal tax, that he will, as the governor of New York State, implement a state tax that will be called the Faso-Collins Federal Tax.

The Wellsville Regional News website asked Congressman Tom Reed for his response, and Reed told the Wellsville news page the following:

“Governor Cuomo is a liar who has done nothing for upstate New York. He’s a one trick pony for whom everything is an excuse to raise taxes. He needs to buck up like other governors and start reining in the cost of Medicaid and figure out more efficient ways of spending the taxpayers’ money. Instead, he acts like a bully and threatens a tax hike on middle class families. I’d like to see Gov. Cuomo run for president owning the highest tax increase in America.”

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