Congressman Reed Has Been Working With Sen. Schumer To Help Alstom

June 15, 2015

On this afternoon’s weekly telephone press conference call with Congressman Tom Reed (R, Corning), WLEA News asked Reed what his thoughts were regarding Senator Chuck Schumer’s announcement on Friday in Hornell, about the possibility of Alstom in Hornell getting a three billion dollar contract with Amtrak.

Reed answered that he has already been working with Senator Schumer (D) on this, and in complete agreement with the senior senator of New York State. “We have definitely been weighing in on this issue,” said Reed. “Working with all relevant stake holders, and I tell you, I join with the senator in regards to this effort and I applaud his efforts in leading the call to the Department of Transportation and others to build those rails there in Hornell. We’ll stand ready to continue in a joint, arm-in-arm, Democrat-Republican position in the senate and the house, to say this is the best for American taxpayers and it’s a great deal for everyone involved.”