Congressman Reed: Helping Americans Get Out Of Afghanistan

August 24, 2021

Rep. Reed’s Office Announces Help For Those in Afghanistan

Corning -Congressman Tom Reed’s office is currently involved with 20 individuals in receiving help to return to the United States from Afghanistan. These individuals are provided with up to date information on the actions the State Department is taking to get US citizens and Afghan Citizens to the airport and to the United States safely, as well as provide information on applying for Special Immigrant Visas for those who served as interpreters or other roles in the US military and more.

“President Biden’s colossal failure in haphazardly withdrawing troops from Afghanistan is why it is so vital for us to do this work to bring these people to the United States safely and securely. These are real lives that must be addressed. In life and death situations, the politics of optics must be rejected.” said Rep. Reed.