Congressman Reed Issues Statement About Gun Control

January 8, 2016
Congressman Tom Reed issued the following statement, regarding gun control:
Last night, President Obama defended his executive action on gun control during a town hall meeting. Over the span of Obama’s presidency, he has repeatedly tried to pass gun control legislation. And, this week he has taken his actions to a new extreme by using executive power to further his agenda.
“President Obama is violating our constitutional freedoms and ignoring the will of the American people,” said Tom Reed for Congress Spokeswoman Amy Hasenberg. “This administration has repeatedly tried and failed to restrict Second Amendment rights despite opposition from the American people and Congress.”
During his town hall meeting, many audience members spoke out against the president’s pending action. Taya Kyle, widow of American Hero and victim of gun violence, Chris Kyle, said these proposed measures will not prevent tragedies, nor would they have prevented past tragedies. Kimberly Corban, a victim of a horrific sexual assault and mother of two, said that Obama’s measures would make it more difficult for her to carry a gun and protect her family.
In response to these courageous women, President Obama floundered. Kimberly Corban, following the event, said that she felt he “dodged the question.” The President was unable to effectively respond to either of these women. And, he failed to make a compelling case to the American people about how these new measures would make their families safer.
“The President remains focused on his gun control agenda. He has even declared that he will not campaign for, vote for, or endorse any candidate if they do not stand by his executive actions. This threat will cause problems for some Democrats, but not for John Plumb, Tom Reed’s opponent and former Obama adviser. Plumb was recruited to run for Congress by Nancy Pelosi while he was working in the White House for President Obama. He has shamelessly stood with the President on practically every issue including gun control. If elected, Plumb will disregard the needs of the Southern Tier, Finger Lakes, and Western New York to pursue Obama’s failed agenda.”
“The people of the 23rd District deserve a representative who listens and will fight to protect their Second Amendment rights. Tom Reed has a record of accessibility. He is a lifelong gun owner and a proponent of limited constitutional government.”