Congressman Reed: Two New House Posts In 2017

November 25, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Tom Reed (R, Corning) says he’ll be named to two new posts in the House of Representatives in 2017: the House Steering Committee, which names representatives to house committees, and also to a more senior position, on the House Whip Team. “We’re very pleased to be in a position to be on the Steering Committee,” Reed told WLEA News this week. “We’re also excited about joining the Whip Team in a more senior position, where the Whip, Steve Scalise, is in charge of making sure we know where all the members stand on the issues, in the floor of the House.” Reed maintains that gaining these two positions will help the people of the 23rd Congressional district. “It’s another step of being put in a position to make sure that the interests of the 23rd congressional district are on the forefront of all the decision makers in Washington.”