Congressman Reed Wants Lower Gas Prices

September 1, 2015

Congressman Tom Reed (R, Corning) is calling on oil and gas companies to reduce the price of gas for consumers, in the wake of plunging oil prices. “It’s completely unfair to continue to pay over two dollars per gallon for gas when the price of a barrel of oil has fallen so dramatically in the last few months,” said Reed. “I care about the way prices at the pump are hurting families and businesses and the positive impacts in light of recent changes are long overdue.”
Yesterday, Reed announced his intent to work with the Secretary of Energy to focus on bringing prices down at the pump, citing that lower gas prices are good for the economy all around. “Lower gas prices mean reductions in energy costs, which will lower the cost of consumer goods and ultimately create more jobs as energy costs are one of the main barriers to growth in domestic manufacturing,” said Reed.