Congressman Tom Reed: Grants To Local Fire Depts

September 13, 2019

Statement From Congressman Tom Reed:

Today, Rep. Tom Reed announced $456,000 in grants to fire departments across New York’s 23rd Congressional District to strengthen overall level of preparedness and ability to respond to fire and related hazards.
“We recognize the important role firefighters play in keeping us safe every day — but especially during the anniversary week of 9/11 when we are reminded of the images of our New York City firefighters rushed toward danger to save people’s lives,” Tom said. “These grants are crucial to our local fire departments and we were proud to appropriate a total of $350 million last year to carry out the activities of the Assistance for Firefighters Grant Program across the nation while advocating for our district firefighters to ensure they receive the funding they need.”

Grants include:

• Olean: $25,238.09 – will be use the funding for water rescue training
• Hornell: $137,184.76 – for cardiac monitor defibrillators
• North Hornell: $43,809 – to purchase and install a vehicle exhaust gas removal system for the fire station
• Corning: $54,976.19 – to upgrade rescue tools
• Village of Shortsville – $44.285.71 to implement a formal health and wellness program
• Randolph: $81,000 – to replace self-contained breathing packs
Tom was also proud to deliver more than $70,000 for fire safety and prevention to the Chautauqua Children’s education village.
“The money from the 2018 AFG grant will be used to purchase and install a vehicle exhaust gas removal system for the fire station. This has been an ongoing problem with exhaust gas remaining in the building and causing problems for our fire fighters and civilian staff in the building due to the noxious fumes. This will also help eliminate the exhaust gas and particulates adhering to our bunker gear and equipment surfaces and help reduce the risk of cancer and sickness caused by the diesel exhaust and particulates. This has been a big topic of discussion for some time now and we are very thankful to have received the funding from FEMA and the AFG program to allow us to be able to fund this project. This will make our station a much safer place for our firefighters, civilian staff, and the public who frequent our station regularly,” said North Hornell Fire Chief, Mike Robbins.
“These funds are earmarked to replace our self-contained breathing packs. Our current inventory has dwindled over the years due to equipment failure. This will not only help our community but our neighboring areas as well.” Said David Senn, president of the Randolph Regional EMS Corps.
Senn added everyone will now have their own packs and will also have their own masks for each apparatus, which will help fight the spread of illness.
“The Hornell City Fire is very much excited for this announcement of the grant award it will be used to replace our much outdated 4 Monitors which are 17 years old. Our Advanced Life Support Paramedic units which are responsible for not only the City Of Hornell but also for both villages and townships to the North and South of us as well as Our Advance Paramedic intercept car,” Hornell Fire Chief Frank Brzozowski said. “These Monitors will greatly not only help with day to day operations but also improve Patient care in keeping us on the cutting edge technology. We also are responsible for Critical Patient transport from our local hospitals to higher level of care to Stroke, Cardiac and trauma facilities. These Monitors are the only way we can transport and monitor patient care in route to these facilities as well as being able to report and transmit data to our Medical Command for patient care in route and in the field. This allows us to get the patient to the appropriate care facility faster and bringing the ER to the patient.”