Congressman Tom Reed Met With Donald Trump

March 21 2016
WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Tom Reed, along with several other Republicans, including Congressman Chris Collins (R, Buffalo) and Newt Gingrich, met with Donald Trump on Monday in Washington. “As we watched last Tuesday when the voters came to the booth, that now is the time that people are expressing, that millions of people, have supported Donald Trump,” said Reed. “We just cannot continue the Hillary Clinton policies that will follow the Obama policies.”
Reed was asked by Jamestown reporter Terry Frank, about the possibility of a brokered convention. Reed answered that he does not think so. “A contested convention I don’t think is going to occur, and especially, we should make sure that we do not change the rules, because we don’t like the collective wisdom that’s being expressed by the American people. I don’t want to be a part of that, I want to be a part of a voice that will unite the Republican Party.”
Reed’s opponent, Jamestown Democrat John Plumb, quickly issued a statement after the news broke that Reed and other Republicans met with Trump. Plumb argues that Trump’s rhetoric makes the U.S. unsafe. “It’s clear that by endorsing Donald Trump last week and meeting with him in Washington today, Tom Reed fully supports Trump’s reckless rhetoric that makes our country less safe,” said Plumb.
UPDATE: Congressman Reed’s campaign office has responded to Plumb’s criticism from Monday.
Reed’s campaign spokeswoman Amy Hasenberg issued the following statement:
“John Plumb helped create many of the Obama Administration’s failed policies including the Iran Nuclear Deal which endangered not only American allies, but the American people,” said Tom Reed for Congress Spokeswoman Amy Hasenberg. “The Obama Administration has failed to combat ISIS and has allowed Iran to continue funding terrorists. The Southern Tier, Finger Lakes, and Western New York cannot afford to have a representative who does not prioritize the needs of the American people. John Plumb’s work experience in the White House is not only concerning, it is dangerous.”