Cuomo: Unions Should Make More Money

August 23, 2016

The New York Post reports that Governor Andrew Cuomo (who is not normally known for his pro-union sentiments) told the AFL-CIO that unions should make more money and not be on poverty level wages. “More and more, you see developers using non-union labor,” the NY Post quoted the governor as saying at an ALF-CIO meeting. “Now they want government to validate that decision by saying government will fund the program that pays non-union labor and they are criticizing me saying, `Well I want to pay more just because the unions want the union jobs.’ I want to pay more so we have union jobs because government shouldn’t pay a poverty wage, that’s why I want to pay more. I want to pay more because I want us to have skilled labor on that job and built it right the first time and build it to last. I want to pay union labor because I want benefits and healthcare and the government doesn’t have to subsidize it.”

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