D.A. Brooks Baker: Charges Against Dakota Miller Might Go To 1st Degree Murder

December 8, 2015
baker pic
HORNELL, NY – During the Tuesday morning press conference at the Hornell Police Station, Steuben County Distict Attorney Brooks Baker was asked if the 1st Degree Manslaughter charge against Dakota Miller, could be increased to an even more serious charge. “The reality is, there will be additional charges in this case, they’ll be through the grand jury,” Baker told WLEA News reporter Bill Murphy. “We’re still waiting for additional evidence in this case, we need to get medical records to talk about all the injuries inflicted here,” we also need a complete autopsy report. What we have is a preliminary report at this stage, just as cause of death and nature of death, homicide and blunt force trauma, the number of injuries, where they’re inflicted, how they’re inflicted, will all be critical to eventual determination.”
When Baker was asked about the possibility of murder charges, the district attorney answered that it would probably First Degree Murder and Second Degree Murder.